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KneeKG™ is a personalized knee assessment device generating actionable data and insight regarding the joint’s movement while weight-bearing.

​The KneeKG™, an advanced knee assessment device, helps locate knee pain causes. EMOVI.

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The KneeKG™ system For the right care at the right time

Suffering from knee pain?

The KneeKG™, an advanced knee assessment device.

KneeKG™ is a personalized knee assessment device generating actionable data and insight regarding the joint's movement while weight-bearing.

KneeKG™ is a patented knee assessment system that measures knee kinematics for clinical evaluation of gait impairment or alteration resulting from an orthopaedic cause.

KneeKG™ provides precise and reliable measurements of knee motion.

A technician or therapist performs a 15-minute test, after which the KneeKG™ generates an easy-to-read report of findings. More expensive X-rays and MRIs only provide a static image of the knee and provide no information on actual function.

3D Test

Quantifies 3D knee kinematic


Allow 30 minutes to complete the test with your health care professional


Generates an automatic, easy-to-read report of findings


Assesses knee joint function in dynamic movement


Constitutes a user-friendly, fast and objective clinical tool


Supported by over 100 peer reviewed publications


3d knee joint function assessment: Emovi offers educational programs for physicians.

While doctors emphasize the need for tools to better guide the treatment plan for knee pathologies, patients are unsatisfied with the prescribed care pathway as it mainly focuses on pain relief. A global therapeutic approach assessing and addressing the knee function can help overcome these dissatisfactions.

Emovi offers interactive educational programs and a Emovi Educational Module with objective to enable physicians to do the following :

  • Identify patients for the KneeKG™ test
  • Identify the right treatment at the right time to address the causes of symptoms in patients, not just the pain

Treat the causes not just the symptoms

Clinicians base their diagnosis on observations, manual tests. medical imaging and the patients history. However, these are static assessments usually done while the knee is not in weight-bearing condition. Since symptoms chiefly manifest themselves when the knee is in movement, it is difficult to understand the origin of the problem.

Medical imaging is mainly used to confirm clinician's diagnosis impressions; however radiographic conclusions don't correlate well with the patient's symptoms. Furthermore, they do not provide information allowing physicians to personalize the treatment plan to address the causes behind the symptoms.

Faced with the current clinical limitations, practitioners insist on the need for new tools to help guide the treatment plan. They become essential for better patient management and follow up.


Due to the influence of biomechanical changes on osteoarthritis (OA) progression, the type and the degree of abnormality should be included in the definition of OA since they may influence treatment outcome.


Biomechanics and kinematics contribute to the development of early osteoarthritis following joint injury or surgery and should be assessed.

Faulty joint mechanics is often the underlying cause of the development and progression of pathologies, such as in knee osteoarthritis.

Need to understand the adaptations and impacts of an injury on joint mechanics in order to implement a personalized treatment.

Need for an objective clinical measurement to adequately quantify the joint function.

Greater therapeutic attention to the important role of mechanical factors in OA etiopatholgenesis is required if we are to find ways of reducing the public health impact of this condition.

Need to produce a valid and precise assessment during the treatment phase.

Knee osteoarthritis

Anterior knee pain

Ligament and meniscal injuries

Pre-and-post operative assessments (arthroplasty and sports medicine)

Clinical research

​The KneeKG™, an advanced knee assessment device, helps locate knee pain causes. EMOVI.

Case Studies

See how the KneeKG™ helped physicians and patients with different knee conditions: Ask for a clinical case study


Do you have knee pain?

One person out of five currently experiences knee pain or other symptoms due to an injury or pathology such as knee osteoarthritis, patellofemoral syndrome, ACL rupture, or meniscal tear.

The Knee Kinesiography with KneeKG™ is aimed at helping your doctor to :

Where can I have a KneeKG™ Exam?

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About us

EMOVI Company

Emovi inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most technologically advanced products for knee joint assessment to restore patient quality of life. We are a company of knowledgeable, dedicated team members committed to innovation in healthcare.

Scientific Advisory Board:

  • Dr. Michael Meneghini, associate professor of orthopedic surgery and director of Adult Lower Extremity Fellowship, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Indiana University School of Medicine. He is also adjunct professor in the Department of Mechanical and Biomechanical Engineering at the Rose‐Hulman Institute of Technology.
  • Pr Scott Banks, professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at University of Florida and director of Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory.

Other Clinical Advisors:

  • Dr. Thomas DeBerardino, MD, orthopaedic surgeon with The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group.
  • Dr. David J. Covall, MD, orthopaedic surgeon, Chairman of Orthopaedic Sec
  • Dr. David Hunter MD, rheumatologist, professor and ARC Future Fellow Medicine, NorthernClinical School, the University of Sydney.

Evidenced-Based technology

Dedicated to science, Emovi, in collaboration with several university research centres, has conducted studies and has generated clinical data that are now acknowledged in more than 100 peer reviewed papers. Ask for a list of these studies


Peer-Reviewed Publications

More than 100 peer-reviewed publications.

KneeKG™ EMOVI The Better World

The Better World Report

One out of 23 technologies selected for their impact on life in 2011



" to improve the understanding of biomechanical consequences of trauma or degenerative changes of the knee" (2012, Lustig & al.)

KneeKG™ EMOVI Centre des sciences

Centre des sciences

KneeKG™ at Montréal Science Center

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Mar. 12-16 2019

AAOS annual meeting (American Academy of Orthopaedic surgeons), New Orleans, Louisiana

Nov. 1-4 2018

American Association of Orthopaedic Executive (AAOE), Orlando Florida

May. 21-22 2018

Philadelphia Health IT Summit, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nov. 2-5 2017

American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS), Dallas, Texas

Oct. 5-8 2016

International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty (ISTA), Boston, Massachusetts

Sept. 25-27 2017

Advamed, San Jose, California

Oct. 22-24 2016

Innovative Techniques: The Knee Course, Las Vegas, Nevada

Jun. 16-19 2016

Canadian Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting, Québec, Canada



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