A Game Changer in
Knee Joint Assessment

With the KneeKG™ System, the clinical examination can now be supplemented with an accurate and
objective functional evaluation to support the clinician with the knee joint assessment.

Similar to the EKG
for the heart,
KneeKG™ System provides dynamic, 3D visualization of the function of the knee.

The KneeKG™ System assesses functional impairment of the knee with objective measurements, allowing clinicians to design a specific treatment for each patient.

An Innovative Approach to In-Clinic Knee Assessment

The KneeKG™ System is based on the identification of biomechanical markers which characterize each type of functional impairment of the knee joint.

Depending on the symptoms, these markers extracted from the 3D kinematics, provide a detailed report for the clinician relative to flexion/extension, valgus/varus and internal/external rotation movements of the tibial plateau relative to the femur.

Would you like to integrate KneeKGTM within your practice?

Unlike conventional imaging devices, which cannot accurately correlate functional impairment and knee pain when walking, KneeKG™ allows clinicians to better identify the causes of symptoms as they occur.

By offering your patients personalized treatment using the unique data collected with this system, you will help them better understand their condition. Thus, they will feel more involved in their care program.

Better assist your patients suffering from knee flexion, anterior knee pain, knee osteoarthritis or any other functional impairment of the knee joint with KneeKG™ technology.

What the literature says about Knee Kinesiography

Studies show that using the KneeKG™ system increases compliance to treatment plans and improves patient satisfaction relative to the standard treatments offered.

The KneeKG™ is an FDA 510(k) cleared medical device; Health Canada licensed and CE Marked. Leading regulatory authorities in the health science space recognize the KneeKG™ system as indicated for the assessment of functional alterations in the knee joint for orthopedic reasons.

The KneeKG™ system helps clinicians manage pain due to orthopedic conditions experienced by their patients, including osteoarthritis, ligament injury, or pain associated with surgery.

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You too can improve the care of your patients, by personalizing their treatment plans, thanks to the results generated by the KneeKG™ system.

Join the Emovi Online Academy to better understand the biomechanical causes of the onset of pain symptoms in the knee joint.

With our 45-minute webinars and short microlearning videos for healthcare professionals, the Emovi Academy facilitates your treatment options with an optimized clinical knee exam.

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