Why choose Knee Kinesiography?

Do you have knee pain and would like to understand the exact cause of it? Have you already consulted a physician or healthcare professional, but the pain persists or the symptoms cause limitations in your activities? Have you tried treatment plans, but did not achieve the desired results of decreased or elimination of the pain? A Knee Kinesiography of your knee with the KneeKG™ System can provide you with a possible solution!

What is Knee Kinesiography?

Knee Kinesiography with KneeKG™, is a brief in-clinic exam that accurately and objectively assesses movement of the knee while the patient walks on a conventional treadmill. It is to the knee what the electrocardiogram (EKG) is to the heart – demonstrating exactly how the joint functions.

A KneeKG™ assessment allows you to identify the state of the knee's mechanical function by capturing the active knee movement and enabling you to understand the deficits associated to your knee pain and other symptoms.

The following points clarify and emphasize the difference between radiography, MRI, and Knee Kinesiography:

Who performs the Knee Kinesiography?
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The Knee Kinesiography with the KneeKG™ is performed by clinic staff trained and certified by EMOVI. This may be a physiotherapist, a kinesiologist, a physical/rehabilitation therapist or a health technician, depending on the clinic.

What is the procedure for the Knee Kinesiography exam?
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You will have 2 visits:

High Technology for an Extremely Precise Diagnosis
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By choosing the KneeKG™ System, you will benefit from the newest technology available and specifically created to objectively address knee pain and function. Designed in Canada, by universities and academic hospitals, the KneeKG™ is one of the first technology to offer all 3-dimensional information related to the movement of the knee, under load (weight-bearing).