Board of directors

Michelle Laflamme

LLM (President and CEO)

Jean-Pierre Robert

Chairman of the Board

Dr Marc Rivière


Dr Luc Marengère



Michelle Laflamme

President and Chief Executive Officer

Alexandre Fuentes

Chief Scientific and Technology Officer

Philippe Landry

Lead Medical Communication

Johanne Berger

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Ghazal

VP Business Development, Europe

Edouard Kilanowski

Clinical Business Development Sports Medicine, Musculoskeletal & Orthopaedics

Eric Szmutny

Director, QA/QC

Véronique Dostie

Director of Finances

Valerie Wilson

Clinical Biomecanical Specialist

Erick Philippeaux

Technical KneeKG Specialist and Customer Support Avisors

Evelyn Gittinger

Reimbursment and Market Access

Hugo Laflamme

Operation director

Adrienne Kirby

US Strategic Advisor

Lise L’Heureux

Instructor, Patient Services Coordinator

Mark Stevens

Business Development

Bill Chamblin

Business Advisor to Emovi